JPN Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use JPN?

In-your-home pet sitting is the “pet-preferred” method of pet care for many reasons.  Pets that remain in their own home environment adjust more favorably to their owner's absence and experience less anxiety and stress. Pet Owners can eliminate inconvenient trips to kennels or lodging facilities which often have specific pickup and drop off times, and avoid exposing their pets to potential illnesses or parasites from other animals.  JPN makes this responsible, worry-free option possible with daily visits to your home.   In addition to meals, exercise, light grooming, playtime and cleaning (i.e. litter boxes or cages), JPN will also administer medications, provide post-surgery/illness care, and perform other pet-care duties as requested.  JPN will also complete vital home-care tasks while Pet Owners are away, including mail or newspaper collection, plant watering, placing trash outside for pickup, rotating lights and opening/closing the blinds to make homes look lived in.  JPN provides peace of mind for not only pets, but Pet Owners.

Why is it better to use JPN pet services versus having friends, neighbors or relatives?

While it may be tempting to call upon a friend, neighbor or relative to care for a pet, it’s not always feasible and often an inconvenient imposition to others.  Appropriately caring for pets requires a level of responsibility and time commitment some may not be comfortable with (although they may not admit it!)  JPN will ensure all pets are receiving individualized attention and specialized care from a professional pet sitter who has been specifically hired for that purpose.

Having strangers in the home can be daunting. Is JPN trustworthy?

JPN’s goal to build a trusting relationship and paramount credibility with Pet Owners.  Pet Owners will be provided a written Pet Care Service Agreement containing the roles and responsibility of JPN during visits.  JPN also takes the time to ask many questions during the Initial Consultation to ensure a clear understanding of the Pet Owner’s requirements and needs of the pet(s) are met.  In addition, Julie Diehl (Owner of JPN) is an accredited, full-time Certified Professional Pet Sitter, member of two pet sitting associations and trained in pet CPR/First Aid.  JPN will also provide references upon request.

What types of pets will JPN provide care to?

JPN will care for all varieties of pets, provided they do not pose any danger to JPN’s safety or well-being.

What areas does JPN service?

JPN’s Service Area includes the City of Lino Lakes and surrounding suburbs.  Refer to the "Service Area" section and/or contact the JPN Business office for additional information.

What are the first steps?

Contact the JPN Business Office via phone (651.784.3381) or email ( to schedule a FREE Initial Consultation.  This consultation is required before any services can be provided.

What will occur at the Initial Consultation meeting?

JPN will get acquainted with the Pet Owner and pets, and learn about the pet care desired, house care services needed, and the service period desired.  The Pet Care Service Agreement and related documents will be discussed, along with JPN gathering information about the Pet Owner and pet(s).  Key(s) to the Pet Owner’s home will also be collected and total fees due will be discussed.

How much does a visit cost?

Prices are based on the number of visits scheduled, number and types of pets cared for, the services requested and the distance traveled (refer to "Available Services" area for more information). The final cost will be determined prior to or at the Initial Consultation.

How many visits per day does JPN recommend?

JPN will work with Pet Owners to determine the frequency of visits that best accommodates each unique home situation.  However, JPN recommends 2–4 visits per day for dogs and 1-2 visits per day for cats and other animals.  JPN will not skip days.

How long is a typical visit?

Pet Owners may select from a host of services based on need, but the most common service requested is the In-Your-Home visit for 30 or 45 minutes.  However, homes with multiple pets may require longer visits or the Pet Owner may simply want JPN to spend more time providing love and attention to their pets.  Additional time is also often necessary when administering medications or attending to post-surgery pet needs.  A shorter visit (i.e. Quick Stop) is a good option for Pet Owners facing prolonged work days and/or lengthy commutes, but not appropriate for extended periods of time away from home (i.e. overnights/vacations).

What typically occurs during a visit?

JPN will follow the Pet Owner’s instructions discussed during the Initial Consultation, which is typically the pet’s normal routine.  Examples of visit activities would be taking pets outside for a potty break, walking, playing, filling/refreshing food and water, cleaning any areas needed (i.e. a litter box), etc.  But most importantly, providing LOTS of love and attention to each pet!

Does JPN administer medication to pets?

Yes.  JPN will consider administering medication pills and drops (no injections) provided the process can be done easily and the pet does not pose any danger to JPN.

Does JPN provide any documentation of the visits?

Yes.  JPN completes a “Pawgress Report” (detailed visit notes) during each visit.  These notes will indicate JPN’s arrival and departure time, comments about pet behavior/activities that occurred during the visit and any other household activities completed such as collecting the mail, taking out trash bins, watering plants, etc.

Is JPN responsible for any damage during a visit?

JPN carries Liability and Dishonesty (bond) coverage through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  JPN will provide services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner and is only liable for claims arising from negligence or willful misconduct on JPN’s part. Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, JPN does not accept any responsibility for unusual mishaps (i.e., bites, furniture damage, spills, pet stains, etc.) Additionally, if pets have access to the outdoors, JPN is not responsible for injury, wandering/lost pets or associated fines.

How does JPN handle emergencies?

If a pet emergency occurs, JPN will contact the Pet Owner and will transport the pet to the Pet Owner’s veterinarian’s office, if appropriate.  If an emergency occurs within the home, the Pet Owner (and proper authorities if necessary), will be contacted for further direction.  If the Pet Owner is unreachable, the emergency contacts will be called.

What happens if a pet gets away from JPN (i.e. out of the yard?)

It is recommended all pets wear identification tags while under JPN’s care.  JPN also recommends all gates on your property are locked while you are away.

How much notice does JPN need for a cancellation?

JPN requires 24 or 48 hours' notice of cancellation depending on Service (refer to "Policies & Procedures" - Other Fees).


Does JPN take last-minute service requests?

Last minute reservations will be accepted if the Pet Owner has previously utilized JPN services and has a signed Pet Care Service Agreement and key on file.  Every effort will be made to accommodate new clients if paperwork can be processed prior to the first visit by phone or email and provided JPN’s schedule permits.  In these cases, additional charges may apply.

When is payment expected?

Payment for JPN Services is due in full on or before the first day of service via cash or personal check. 

Does JPN accept gratuities?

JPN accepts (and appreciates!) any gratuity offered.

How are Pet Owner keys distributed/returned?

JPN discourages leaving any keys in a designated area (i.e. on a kitchen counter or under a mat) prior to or following any services.  It is recommended the Pet Owner keep a key on file with the JPN Business office or make arrangements to drop off/pick up their keys.  A fee will be charged if the Pet Owner requests JPN pick up/drop off keys.

What do you do with Pet Owner keys on file?

JPN labels Pet Owner keys with a confidential, unidentifiable lettering/ numbering system.  When keys are not in use, they are retained in a locked, fire proof safe.

It is necessary to fill out new paperwork every time JPN services are requested?

No.  Once an executed Pet Care Service Agreement is on file, future service requests may be coordinated quickly and easily by contacting the JPN Business Office via email or phone.