• Pet Emergencies:  If emergency care becomes necessary, JPN will attempt to contact the Pet Owner and/or emergency contact.  JPN will also contact the Pet Owner’s veterinarian for instructions.  The Pet Owner will be solely responsible for any veterinarian or associated fees.  A signed Authorization for Veterinary Care will be required for these purposes.
  • Household Emergencies:   JPN will contact the Pet Owner at the number(s) provided.  If the Pet Owner cannot be reached, emergency contact(s) will be called.
  • Inclement Weather, Natural Disaster or Act of War:  In the event of inclement weather, natural disaster or act of war, JPN will use its best judgment when caring for pets.  This may include, but is not limited to, altering Service times, activity (i.e. providing a potty break only versus a walk) and feeding schedules.  In the unlikely event JPN is not able to complete a Service, the Pet Owner and/or emergency contact will be notified.
  • Back-up Assistance:  On rare occasions, it may be necessary for JPN to engage qualified back-up assistance to perform pet care duties due to illness, inclement weather, unforeseen scheduling conflicts or emergencies. Back-up assistance may also be called upon to accompany JPN during a visit where additional help is required.